Do you bake/sell loaves of bread?

A Patisserie by name indicates that we focus on pastries and sweets rather than bread. In France, a bakery that bakes breads is called a Boulangerie. Once in a while the owner will bake a loaf or two but as a general rule at the moment there is just not enough staffing to bake bread.

Do you have options for dairy free, vegan, grain free, paleo, corn free, gum free, etc?

We are a tiny facility and the owner is the only baker! On occasion, she will offer dairy free and vegan options, but as a rule, there just isn't time, space, or enough demand.

Can I call in an order for pickup or curbside pickup?

Yes! In fact, we encourage it! Due to our super small size, orders can take quite awhile to complete. Calling ahead will get those orders done in a more timely manner.

Do you offer sugar free items?

Here's the thing, we focus on providing gluten free foods that are specifically safe for those with Celiac Disease or severe gluten allergy. We want these foods to taste as "normal" as possible. This will include sugar when called for. 

What type of flour do you use?

The owner has developed her own flour blends that vary depending on the item she is baking. Therefore, this is a much more complicated question than it appears. The easier question is what do you need to avoid? Just give us a shout and we will have you. As a general rule, we do not typically use nut or oat flours and when we do, it is clearly marked.

Where are the croissants, eclairs, etc.?

As mentioned previously, the owner is the only baker. As you can imagine, her workload is enormous. As soon as we are able to grow and expand our operations the more labor intensive items will be back...we promise!!